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Shutting down Cuda Pages

Tyler O'Briant
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As of February 1, 2023, we are shutting down Cuda Pages, to focus 100% of our energy on building the CRM of the future.

Cuda Pages was a free link-in-bio product for web3 companies and projects. We built it in 2022 and distributed it to 1000s of projects and ended up getting 100,000s of monthly visitors.

It was a great product and filled a strong need during the boom of projects in early 2022. We got to meet the people working on interesting, innovative (and some very odd) projects. As the market took a turn, we noticed companies shifting from a reliance on community-led growth to focus on generating revenue through sales and partnerships. We felt the same need ourselves.

We also realized that none of the CRMs out there were filling our needs to keep track of deals we were working on. We started to talk to more companies in our networks and realized that we weren’t alone.

We started to design the Barracuda CRM to solve this need. While the adoption of Cuda Pages has been great, we started to see promising traction with the CRM product and developed a very exciting vision for the future of the company.

In order to build the best product possible, we are dedicating all of our team's attention and resources to our new direction. We wanted to be able to support both products in parallel, but time has shown us that is unrealistic. It spread our team thin and created a worse product experience for you, our end users.

We contacted all of the owners of existing Cuda Pages starting in mid December to make sure everyone had a chance to smoothly transition over to another link-in-bio service.

We’ve contacted every Cuda Page owner who had a verified email. Due to the pseudonymous nature of web3, it was not possible to contact everyone. All of the existing pages will be redirected to a landing page with this note - so any visitors that find an old cuda link in the wild won’t end up lost.

We deeply appreciate everyone who supported us by using or sharing Cuda Pages and we’re sorry to be taking it away. It was a blast to build and we are thankful you were along for the ride.

If you work in Business Development or Sales at a startup, you might be a good fit for our CRM product. Particularly if you’ve felt the pain of juggling B2B relationships across Telegram, Email, Discord, Twitter and LinkedIn. You can more and get signed up here.

R.I.P sweet Cuda Pages

No longer in your bio, but always in our hearts ❤️

Tyler, and the Barracuda Team

PS: If you have any complaints, please direct them to our intern, Barry. He is a fish and has no feelings.