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Sync your Gmail Inbox

Chris Zachary
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Just because we’re building for a modern sales stack doesn’t mean we don’t like email. Email is still where lots of serious work gets done.

We’re excited to announce that native Gmail Inbox Sync is now available in your CRM!

Connect your Google account in your Account Settings and email exchanges with your Barracuda contacts will sync to all relevant opportunities and organizations.

Account Settings - Gmail Inbox Sync

The basics

  • If you add an email address to a contact, all the relevant emails will be automatically synced.

  • Add a contact to an opportunity or organization and any relevant emails will instantly show up on the opportunity or organization.

  • And, all your emails show in a seamless, chronological feed with your Telegram messages. We’ll be adding more types of messages to show up here as well as filtering for the messages view.

Gmail Inbox Sync in the Barracuda CRM

Also shipped this week:

Clear a message from the message feed. Syncing data automatically and smoothly brings the potential for clutter. So we added the ability for you to clear messages from a contact, organization, or opportunity.

Significant speed improvements. We made some infrastructure changes that improved the overall speed of our app…by a lot. Now you can click between tabs, create new data, or make updates instantly. The only waiting is the first time you load the app.