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Refreshed Dashboard Navigation

Chris Zachary
Cover Image for Refreshed Dashboard Navigation

This week, we shipped a completely re-designed dashboard navigation bar.

Our old navbar was taking up a lot of space and not providing much utility. Our goal with this revamp was to make useful global features more accessible and provide another place to find common actions you might want to take.

Global search bar

We love shortcuts, but we also love mouse people! Now you can launch the global search / command palette from your navbar. (It also reminds you of the shortcut, in case you want to switch to the side of the hotkeys)

As always CMD+K will launch the command palette, and / will send you straight to search!

Quick Create Menu

Quick Create Menu in Barracuda CRM

Again, for you mouse lovers, now you can create a new task or CRM record from the navbar! The less clicking between pages to do things, the better 👏

A better mobile experience

We don't have a mobile app, but you can still use Barracuda from your phone. Now the navbar works much better on mobile. Now you can...

  • search / launch the command palette
  • create anything from the Quick Create Menu
  • access the sidebar
  • access your account settings

We have a product wiki

We've been working on shipping new features, and it's time to share how they work. We launched our early product wiki and you can find it on the new help menu in your dashboard.

Help Menu in Barracuda CRM

Fixes & improvements

We fixed a few bugs and made some improvements, including:

  • Fixed a date showing incorrectly on logged emails
  • When a record is open, some hotkeys were blocking default browser shortcuts
  • Task hotkey adding "T" to front of a task
  • Improvements to the Pipeline view rendering speeds (still a work-in-progress)