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Meet your CRM Command Palette

Chris Zachary
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One of the worst parts about CRMs is the amount of clicking you have to do. You spend hours a day clicking around, trying to find things. We hate that.

This is why Mac OS has spotlight - you can launch apps, search for files, and find settings in one single shortcut. Some of our favorite apps - Figma, Linear, Arc, VS Code, Superhuman - have brought that interaction to your other software: design, issue tracking, browsers, code editor, and email. Amazing.

We’re bringing the command palette to your CRM. You can create contacts, organizations, opportunities and tasks in a single command. You can search thousands of contacts, orgs, and opportunities and navigate to them instantly. One shortcut: CMD + K (or CTRL + K on windows)

There’s lots more we want to do to make this command palette more powerful and more intuitive, but we’re really excited to share this first version with you.

Another exciting thing we shipped this week is…

Global shortcuts!

For you keyboard junkies, our shortcuts are now available from anywhere in your dashboard!

  • T - create a task
  • C - create a new contact
  • O - create a new organization
  • P - create a new opportunity
  • / - global search

Fixes & improvements

  • CMD + F to search your current view - on opportunities, orgs, and contacts
  • Hitting ESC will clear your current search. Hitting ESC again will exit the search box
  • Fixed a bug with associations created from
  • Shortcuts to create a new contact, organization, or opportunity will now pre-fill the associations if you are currently looking at a CRM record.
  • Massively improved they speed of the Tasks page
  • Fixed a bug with CMD+ENTER to save a contact
  • Fixed a bug where changing stages of opportunity wasn’t displaying the activity correctly