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Barracuda + Zapier

Chris Zachary
Cover Image for Barracuda + Zapier

We are excited to announce that Barracuda is live on Zapier! This means you can connect Barracuda to 5k+ apps listed on Zapier.

We are building many more native integrations, but this will help you set up some powerful automations with tools we don't support yet.

Some zaps we have been using ourselves:

  • Turn form submissions from Typeform or Google Forms into new opportunities
  • Automatically create opps in a pipeline from a Calendly booking
  • Sync data from Google sheets & Notion

Check out Barracuda on Zapier

A new home page!

We revamped our website front page to better reflect about what we're working on. It's challenging to release a new web design while also focusing on product improvements, but it was time.

Added in a few easter eggs too... hit CMD+K to try out the command palette, and go check off some tasks in the task section.

Fixes & improvements

This week, we mainly focused on speed improvements. As we are scaling our data volume rapidly, we are constantly finding areas to improve. This week, we touched up tasks and associations (the way you link records together).