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Feb 1, 2023

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Shutting down Cuda Pages

As of February 1, 2023, we are shutting down Cuda Pages, to focus 100% of our energy on building the CRM of the future.

Cuda Pages was a free link-in-bio product for web3 companies and projects. We built it in 2022 and distributed it to 1000s of projects and ended up getting 100,000s of monthly visitors.

It was a great product and filled a strong need during the boom of projects in early 2022. We got to meet the people working on interesting, innovative (and some very odd) projects. As the market took a turn, we noticed companies shifting from a reliance on community-led growth to focus on generating revenue through sales and partnerships. We felt the same need ourselves.

We also realized that none of the CRMs out there were filling our needs to keep track of deals we were working on. We started to talk to more companies in our networks and realized that we weren’t alone.

We started to design the Barracuda CRM to solve this need. While the adoption of Cuda Pages has been great, we started to see promising traction with the CRM product and developed a very exciting vision for the future of the company.

In order to build the best product possible, we are dedicating all of our team's attention and resources to our new direction. We wanted to be able to support both products in parallel, but time has shown us that is unrealistic. It spread our team thin and created a worse product experience for you, our end users.

We contacted all of the owners of existing Cuda Pages starting in mid December to make sure everyone had a chance to smoothly transition over to another link-in-bio service.

We’ve contacted every Cuda Page owner who had a verified email. Due to the pseudonymous nature of web3, it was not possible to contact everyone. All of the existing pages will be redirected to a landing page with this note - so any visitors that find an old cuda link in the wild won’t end up lost.

We deeply appreciate everyone who supported us by using or sharing Cuda Pages and we’re sorry to be taking it away. It was a blast to build and we are thankful you were along for the ride.

If you work in Business Development or Sales at a startup, you might be a good fit for our CRM product. Particularly if you’ve felt the pain of juggling B2B relationships across Telegram, Email, Discord, Twitter and LinkedIn. You can more and get signed up here.

R.I.P sweet Cuda Pages

No longer in your bio, but always in our hearts ❤️

Tyler, and the Barracuda Team

PS: If you have any complaints, please direct them to our intern, Barry. He is a fish and has no feelings.

Jan 26, 2023

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Refreshed Dashboard Navigation

This week, we shipped a completely re-designed dashboard navigation bar.

Our old navbar was taking up a lot of space and not providing much utility. Our goal with this revamp was to make useful global features more accessible and provide another place to find common actions you might want to take.

Global search bar

We love shortcuts, but we also love mouse people! Now you can launch the global search / command palette from your navbar. (It also reminds you of the shortcut, in case you want to switch to the side of the hotkeys)

As always CMD+K will launch the command palette, and / will send you straight to search!

Quick Create Menu

Quick Create Menu in Barracuda CRM

Again, for you mouse lovers, now you can create a new task or CRM record from the navbar! The less clicking between pages to do things, the better 👏

A better mobile experience

We don't have a mobile app, but you can still use Barracuda from your phone. Now the navbar works much better on mobile. Now you can...

  • search / launch the command palette
  • create anything from the Quick Create Menu
  • access the sidebar
  • access your account settings

We have a product wiki

We've been working on shipping new features, and it's time to share how they work. We launched our early product wiki and you can find it on the new help menu in your dashboard.

Help Menu in Barracuda CRM

Fixes & improvements

We fixed a few bugs and made some improvements, including:

  • Fixed a date showing incorrectly on logged emails
  • When a record is open, some hotkeys were blocking default browser shortcuts
  • Task hotkey adding "T" to front of a task
  • Improvements to the Pipeline view rendering speeds (still a work-in-progress)

Jan 19, 2023

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Barracuda + Zapier

We are excited to announce that Barracuda is live on Zapier! This means you can connect Barracuda to 5k+ apps listed on Zapier.

We are building many more native integrations, but this will help you set up some powerful automations with tools we don't support yet.

Some zaps we have been using ourselves:

  • Turn form submissions from Typeform or Google Forms into new opportunities
  • Automatically create opps in a pipeline from a Calendly booking
  • Sync data from Google sheets & Notion

Check out Barracuda on Zapier

A new home page!


We revamped our website front page to better reflect about what we're working on. It's challenging to release a new web design while also focusing on product improvements, but it was time.

Added in a few easter eggs too... hit CMD+K to try out the command palette, and go check off some tasks in the task section.

Fixes & improvements

This week, we mainly focused on speed improvements. As we are scaling our data volume rapidly, we are constantly finding areas to improve. This week, we touched up tasks and associations (the way you link records together).

Jan 12, 2023

Cover Image for Meet your CRM Command Palette

Meet your CRM Command Palette

One of the worst parts about CRMs is the amount of clicking you have to do. You spend hours a day clicking around, trying to find things. We hate that.

This is why Mac OS has spotlight - you can launch apps, search for files, and find settings in one single shortcut. Some of our favorite apps - Figma, Linear, Arc, VS Code, Superhuman - have brought that interaction to your other software: design, issue tracking, browsers, code editor, and email. Amazing.

We’re bringing the command palette to your CRM. You can create contacts, organizations, opportunities and tasks in a single command. You can search thousands of contacts, orgs, and opportunities and navigate to them instantly. One shortcut: CMD + K (or CTRL + K on windows)

There’s lots more we want to do to make this command palette more powerful and more intuitive, but we’re really excited to share this first version with you.

Another exciting thing we shipped this week is…

Global shortcuts!

For you keyboard junkies, our shortcuts are now available from anywhere in your dashboard!

  • T - create a task
  • C - create a new contact
  • O - create a new organization
  • P - create a new opportunity
  • / - global search

Fixes & improvements

  • CMD + F to search your current view - on opportunities, orgs, and contacts
  • Hitting ESC will clear your current search. Hitting ESC again will exit the search box
  • Fixed a bug with associations created from
  • Shortcuts to create a new contact, organization, or opportunity will now pre-fill the associations if you are currently looking at a CRM record.
  • Massively improved they speed of the Tasks page
  • Fixed a bug with CMD+ENTER to save a contact
  • Fixed a bug where changing stages of opportunity wasn’t displaying the activity correctly

Jan 5, 2023

Cover Image for Sync your Gmail Inbox

Sync your Gmail Inbox

Just because we’re building for a modern sales stack doesn’t mean we don’t like email. Email is still where lots of serious work gets done.

We’re excited to announce that native Gmail Inbox Sync is now available in your CRM!

Connect your Google account in your Account Settings and email exchanges with your Barracuda contacts will sync to all relevant opportunities and organizations.

Account Settings - Gmail Inbox Sync

The basics

  • If you add an email address to a contact, all the relevant emails will be automatically synced.

  • Add a contact to an opportunity or organization and any relevant emails will instantly show up on the opportunity or organization.

  • And, all your emails show in a seamless, chronological feed with your Telegram messages. We’ll be adding more types of messages to show up here as well as filtering for the messages view.

Gmail Inbox Sync in the Barracuda CRM

Also shipped this week:

Clear a message from the message feed. Syncing data automatically and smoothly brings the potential for clutter. So we added the ability for you to clear messages from a contact, organization, or opportunity.

Significant speed improvements. We made some infrastructure changes that improved the overall speed of our app…by a lot. Now you can click between tabs, create new data, or make updates instantly. The only waiting is the first time you load the app.

Nov 21, 2022

Cover Image for Announcing Barracuda

Announcing Barracuda

Sales is hard. If you can’t sell, your company is dead in the water.

Navigating customer needs, collecting high quality data and maintaining sales velocity can mean the difference between success or failure for a startup. To survive in evolving markets, sales teams must push limits, experiment and adapt to keep their edge.

It's no surprise that sales and marketing CRMs are among the oldest and most widely adopted software tools ever created. Great sales teams need great sales tools to unlock their full potential.

But frankly, leading CRMs are not keeping up. The core ideas for how their CRMs can empower your business haven't changed in over a decade. Leading CRMs are battling over enterprise customers. They're not focused on building exceptional user experiences for end users.

CRMs need a revamp. An overhaul. Modernized for the way we build apps and great user experiences today. We need to stop building sales platforms for the 2010s and rethink how sales can be done in 2023 and beyond.

We need a CRM for the Figma, Linear and Superhuman generation.

That's why we’re building Barracuda.

We are obsessed with making the sales rep's experience easier, faster, more effective, and more delightful.

We’re starting off with setting a new benchmark for how a CRM should feel and work.

Built to be lightning fast and stupid easy.

Just because it’s simple to use, doesn’t mean it’s a simple CRM. In Barracuda, there are no page loads. Search is instant. Your teammate's changes instantly update in your browser without refreshing.

Everything in Barracuda can be done without leaving your keyboard with hotkeys. If you don't want to memorize hotkeys, don't worry, we also have a command palette you can reach from anywhere. You love it in your other tools - now your CRM has it too.

Close deals anywhere your customers are, not just your email inbox

It’s 2023. You don’t just use email & phone for sales anymore. Barracuda keeps everyone up to date across all your methods of communication. Live sync your Gmail inbox. Instantly log your conversations in Telegram. Keep your CRM up to date with your Telegram messages, automatically and in real-time. Consolidate your Discord messages. Track relationships from your Twitter DMs.

Now, onto the really innovative stuff…

Meet Barry, your AI-powered sales copilot

Barry learns from your entire team’s sales communication and can generate personalized, tailored sales scripts for different types of leads, customers and communication channels. Quickly and easily tailor your approach for each situation, without the time hassle.

Type up your freeform notes, send messages and let Barry do the rest. Barry can detect follow-up intent, dates and tasks, then automatically create the necessary items. Barry can also detect fields of interest from your notes and fill out the relevant fields in your CRM.

We’re reimagining how work gets done from your phone. You can work with Barry from anywhere, not just your CRM. Text a screenshot of a LinkedIn profile to Barry and we’ll add it to your CRM. Or send a message in Slack, Discord, Telegram or wherever you want to work.

Collaborate in real-time with the world’s first multiplayer CRM features

As more and more teams go remote, sales software is becoming the new sales bullpen. For these teams a CRM is not just a tool - it's the platform you live in all day and use to collaborate directly with your team.

Sales is a team sport, but existing CRMs are still stuck in single-player mode. We need a CRM with multiplayer collaboration tools embedded in the product's DNA, like the sales teams they're serving.

Barracuda is built to be a source of truth for all customer data

CRMs are supposed to be customer relationships tools but they often end up only getting used by sales and marketing teams.

At Barracuda, we know sales don’t happen in a vacuum and that great companies use customer data throughout all parts of the business. Report bugs to engineering and create support tickets directly from your CRM. Automatically trigger message sequences based on your issue tracking software. We want to shorten feedback loops between teams so you can spend more time selling.

We’re just getting started.

We built Barracuda for ourselves, and we’re looking for companies that are similar to ours. If you’re an early stage, high-performance team looking to level up your sales software, sign up here and follow us on Twitter!

~ Barracuda Founders: Alec, Chris, Sam and Tyler