About Us

What the h*ck is Barracuda?

Our team has a long history of taking boring, complex software and turning it into something that is easy and delightful to use.

With Barracuda, we are reimagining the sales and marketing platform for modern teams.

And the name Barracuda?

First of all, Barracudas are the baddest fish in the sea.

Second, and to be honest, the name originally came from a terrible pun from Tyler, our CEO, joking about naming the company "BarracuDAO". But then, Barry the Barracuda was born and the name stuck around.

Meet the crew

Tyler O'BriantTyler O'Briant

Steers the ship

Sam SklarSam Sklar

Keeps us in order

Alec KhouryAlec Khoury

King nerd

Chris ZacharyChris Zachary

Makes things pop

Nate ElliottNate Elliott

Makes friends with everyone

Barry O. BarracudaBarry O. Barracuda

Social media intern

Backed by

Offline VCOffline VC