The Company

Building a better CRM

Sales isn’t the same as it was 15 years ago. And we got frustrated trying to use software that was built like nothing has changed.

Existing CRMs are built to win enterprise sales leaders & build complex reports, not to help us sell better.

With Barracuda, we are reimagining the CRM for modern teams. We’re relentlessly focused on making the day-to-day experience of using your CRM more effective and more enjoyable.

The Team

Meet the crew

Our team has a long history of building product together. We’ve worked in high-growth environments like Mainstreet and worked on projects at scale with companies like Microsoft & Facebook & Intuit.

We’re also the kind of weirdos to become extremely passionate about the user experience of a sales person.

Real faces

Tyler O'BriantTyler O'Briant

Steers the ship

Sam SklarSam Sklar

Keeps us in order

Alec KhouryAlec Khoury

King nerd

Chris ZacharyChris Zachary

Makes things pop

Nate ElliottNate Elliott

Makes friends with everyone

Barry O. BarracudaBarry O. Barracuda

(imaginary fish)

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